Term Fees 

                                   As of April 2022.

         13 weeks in Autumn Term/12 weeks Spring and Summer terms.


30 min class       £104/ £96     (£8 per class)                             

45 mins class    £130/£120      (£10 per class)

1h + class             £156/ £144     (£12 per class)


Terms and Conditions


·    Every new child will recieve 1 free trial class. 

·    Invoices for term fees will be sent out before the start of each term to secure your child's place and are payable before the first class of term.

·    A surcharge of £10 will be charged for any late payments not made before the second class of term.

·    4 weeks notice in writing is required to withdraw a child from classes, otherwise you will be charged the full term's fees. If for example only 3 weeks notice is given, the other 1 week will still have to be paid in full. Any student leaving the classes without giving the required notice will be required to pay the outstanding fees

·    Unfortunately there will be no refunds in the event of illness or absences from classes during term time, however a child will be able to make up any missed classes within any term.

·    Refunds will only be offered for cancelled classes.

·    For new students starting mid way through the term, a fee reduction (pro rata) will be applied and all fees should be paid before or on your child's first class. A place is only secured when we have received the completed registration form and fees for the term.

·    We reserve the right to change fees/term dates/class times. However we aim to keep this minimal and inform parents of any changes as soon as possible.



We will always ensure that classes run at the scheduled times, however in the event of unforeseen circumstances beyond the control of the school which may cause the delay or cancellation of classes, the school or teacher is not liable. These include but are not limited to:

industrial action, civil unrest, power outage, fire, flood, storm, snow, earthquake, act of terrorism, act of war, government action. 

If classes are cancelled due to any of the above reasons, refunds cannot be made, however we will endevour to reschedule any classes missed if and when possible.

SR Ceim Oir has the right to alter timetables should we be faced with the hall/venue not being able to faciliate our classes.


Code of Conduct and Parental Responsibilities 

·    SR Céim Óir expects good behaviour from all pupils in their classes. The school does not tolerate disruptive or aggressive behavior towards fellow students, teachers and assistants.

·    Children should arrive at the venue at least 5 minutes before the start of class and wait for the teacher to call them in. A prompt start avoids delay and distraction to the lessons. ​

·    Please make sure your child has been to the toilet prior to class to avoid accidents or disruption. 

·    Please note that the school can only be responsible for the children's' well being during classes and cannot be responsible for the safety of students outside of the dance studio. Students who are not collected on time must remain in the dance studio until a parent arrives to collect them. 

·    No child under the age of 10 should be left unattended at any of our venues. Please let us know in writing if you give permission for your child to go home alone.

·    To aid a student in understanding a correction in class, a hands on approach may be used in our teaching. If you prefer this to not happen to your child, please inform us in writing.

·    Students must wear correct uniform and hairstyle for all classes. Uniforms may be purchased through the teacher. Hair should be in a pony tail or pulled back away from the eyes. Children must wear appropriate footwear.

·    Please ensure the teacher is aware of any medical conditions or learning difficulties. If your child needs to take a form of medication during the classes, it is the parent's responsibility to make sure the teacher is properly informed.



·    Children will be entered for examinations when they are ready, not neccessarily at the same time and at the discretion of the principal, Hilary Joyce Owens

·    Children are responsible for their dancewear and belongings in the studio. All kit should be labelled and placed neatly at the side of the studio. 


·    Teachers at SR Céim Óir hold enhanced DBS checks and are covered under Insurance.

·    Teachers at SR Céim Óir are qualified and hold TCRG

·    Teachers at SR Céim Óir will administer basic first aid and and seek further medical treatment if neccessary. 

·    The school does not accept responsibility for injury, loss or damage to clothing or personal property.



We would also like to make you aware that occasionally photographs and video may be taken for publicity purposes and for use on our school website and social media. This may mean your child's image may be used. If you object to this, please inform us in writing.