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News and Events

News & Updates January 2017



Happy New Year from everyone at Scoil Rince Ceim Oir! It has been a busy few months for us, take a look at what we have been up to since our last update...

We are delighted to present our new Facebook page, please fee free to join the group Scoil Rince Ceim Oir

Ceim Oir Open Feis 2017 – October 28th & 29th



January - TCRG Lucy English chaperoned 6 of our older dancers (Natalie O’Hare, Sarah C.Nutley, Roisin Bates, Dani Mohan, Elise Gibson and Shannon Morrissey) to India to dance for the launch of a new Multicultural Television channel. They performed a 30 minute routine to 30 thousand people and the feedback was incredible! Given their minor celebrity status that followed, they were taken to the Rainforest and to the river, got to meet Elephants and Monkeys and even squeezed in some time for mass! What a fabulous experience!



Christmas Treat...100 Ceim Oir kids along with parents and teachers ventured to the West End to watch School of Rock at the New London Theatre. I’m sure you’ll all agree it was a fab night and the show was great! Thank you Julie Chambers for all the hard work that went into organizing the outing – we hope you weren’t too scarred and we look forward to the next theatre outing!



December - Thank you Myra O’Donovan for organizing another fantastic raffle for the Tommy Hollis fund. The fabulous prizes included a kids hamper, pamper hamper, chocolate hamper and champagne hamper (to name but a few) meant that we raised £510 for the fund. This is a charity close to our hearts and supports vulnerable children in the West London area. I know that Tommy Hollis’s parents were overwhelmed with the amount raised from just one raffle and are delighted to receive our annual donation – keep up the good work, its all for an amazing cause.



We managed to send 170 Christmas cards to wounded veterans as part of the Help for Heroes campaign! The handmade cards from the kids were created at the Christmas Class Feis and the kind messages from all our lovely parents meant a lot to the soldiers who might not otherwise have received anything at Christmas. They do so much for our country and this small gesture meant so much to them and was our way of giving back. I think it’s safe to say that we managed to put a smile on some of their faces and is definitely the start of a new Ceim Oir Christmas Class Feis tradition.



We hosted our Christmas Class Feis in December at Drayton Manor School. Our adjudicator was impressed by the fantastic standard of dancing throughout the day from the youngest to the oldest and we were proud of each and every one of you. We were delighted to have Santa appear throughout the day especially when he was handing out lots of festive treats! The festive fancy dress and Christmas card competitions were difficult to judge as you all did such an amazing job! Congrats to Amber Ford for winning the Best Xmas Card creation and to Laura Chambers for the Best Christmas Spirit Fancy dress outfit.



November - Our Oireachtas event in November was a great weekend for Team Ceim Oir. Huge congrats to the SERC for hosting such a good event, we all loved and appreciated the new venue.
9 titles, plus 10 podiums!

21 solo qualifiers and 6 teams off to Dublin 2017


Oireachtas Champions

U11 Ella McCarthy
U12 Ella Owens
U18 Conor Norton
U19 Shannon Morrissey
U10 team
U12 team
U18 team
Sen ladies team
Sen mixed team
2nd U11 Oisin Moroney
2nd U19 Grace McCarthy
2nd U19 Cianan Bates
2nd Sen Ladies Sarah C. Nutley
3rd U10 Emma Eaton
3rd U11 Emma Chambers
3rd U19 Nathan Semple
3rd U15 team
4th U9 Aine Moroney
5th U9 Olivia Delaney
6th U10 Laura Chambers
6th U16 Megan Bowditch
7th U13 Aisling Eaton
8th Sen ladies Roisin Bates
9th U14 Catherine Conway
9th U15 Rubie Caulfield
9th Sen ladies Natalie O'Hare
10th U18 Elise Gibson
11th Sen ladies Dani Mohan
11th U8 Lilia Conlon
15th U9 Eva Heaney
16th U8 Chloe Bugbee
17th Sen ladies Caitlin Casey
25th U8 Annie may Reardon


Trophy Competition

Lizzie Anderson 3rd
Niamh Munnelly 3rd
Lily Rose McMenamin 3rd
Abbie Baker 4th
Issy O'Halloren 5th
Ciara Twomey 7th
Gemma Reardon 7th

Recalled U10 Alana, U11 Casey, U13 Juliet, U13 Grace, U18 Anna Marie, U19 Hannah



October - Thank you Belfast for 6 days of fabulous dancing at the All Ireland championships. Huge congrats to Team Ceim Oir, we are so proud of each and everyone one of you. You truly are fantastic competitors... 2 team titles, 4 solo podiums and lots of qualifiers.

All Ireland Champions 2016-Sen Ladies team & Sen Mixed team

4th U11 Ella McCarthy
4th U12 Ella Owens
4th U19 Grace McCarthy
4th U10 team
5th U19 Shannon Morrissey
6th U19 Cianan Bates
6th Sen Sarah C. Nutley
7th U18 Conor Norton
10th U11 Oisin Moroney
12th U21 Roisin Bates
12th U18 Elise Gibson
17th U19 Hannah K Smith
20th U11 Emma Chambers
20th U16 Megan Bowditch
20th Sen Dani Mohan
22nd Sen Natalie O'Hare
29th U13 Aisling Eaton
35th U10 Alana O'Donovan
37th Aine Moroney



Thank you and congrats also to SERC for hosting another fantastic GB, your hard work is very much appreciated and doesn't go unnoticed!!

GB CHAMPIONS 2016 - U10 Girls team, Sen Ladies team & Sen Mixed team

2nd U11 Ella McCarthy
4th U12 Ella Owens
4th U18 Conor Norton
4th U19 Cianan Bates
6th U11 Oisin Moroney
6th U19 Grace McCarthy
6th Sen Sarah C. Nutley
7th U19 Shannon Morrissey
10th U21 Roisin Bates
11th U10 Emma Eaton
12th U16 Megan Bowditch
12th U21 Caitlin Casey16th
U13 Aisling Eaton
16th U18 Anna Marie Coll
17th Sen Natalie O'Hare
17th U18 Elise Gibson
27th U14 Catherine Conway
28th U11 Emma Chambers
28th Sen Dani Mohan
30th U10 Laura Chambers
33rd U9 Aine Moroney
39th U10 Alana O'Donovan
47th U9 Eva Heaney
48th U8 Lilia Conlon
49th U9 Olivia Delaney
49th U11 Lizzie Anderson
50th U12 Niamh Munnelly
54th U8 Chloe Bugbee

And well done to all our remaining dancers who danced so well and made us very proud.



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