Grade Exam

Grade Exam

Grade Exam


Preliminary Easy Reel or Easy Light Jig

1 Basic Reel & Light Jig
2 Basic Slip Jig & Single Jig
3 Primary Reel & Basic Heavy Jig
4 Primary Slip Jig & St Patrick’s Day
5 Advanced Reel, Basic Hornpipe & Walls of Limerick
6 Advanced Slip Jig, The Blackbird & Siege of Ennis
7 Advanced Heavy Jig, Garden of Daisies & the Four-Hand Reel
8 Advanced Hornpipe, Job of Journeywork & Humours of Bandon
9 - 12 Details provided if requested


1. Only basic steps may be danced in Grades 1, 2, 3 and in the Preliminary Grade.
2. The number of bars of music to be danced for all reels, jigs and hornpipes is 40.
3. Set-dances in Grades 4, 5 & 6 must be performed in the traditional style and manner.
4. From Grade 9 upwards only non-traditional sets may be danced. Once performed a set-dance cannot be repeated in a higher grade.
5. The same set-dance must not be performed in more than one of the Grades from 7 to 12 inclusive.
6. A dancer must take all grades in order, beginning with Grade 1, the Preliminary Grade being optional. However, any number of consecutive grades may be taken on the same occasion.
7. Candidates must know (orally and practically) all céilí dances from the book “Ar Rinncidhe Foirne” specified for Grades 5 to 12 inclusive.
8. Dance costumes should not be worn at what are examinations not competitions.
9. Grade 9 may not be taken under 16 years of age; Grade 10 under 17 years or Grades 11 or 12 under 18 years.
10. A special application form will apply for Grades 11 and 12.
11. Candidates must be in their 19th year to sit Grade 11 and their 20th year to sit Grade 12.
12. A different examiner must examine each of Grades 11 and12. These Examiners must be different from the Examiners who assessed any grade from Grade 6 upwards.



.A certificate is awarded for each grade passed.
.A dancer who passes all 12 grades receives “Dioplóma an Choimisiúin Le Rincí
Gaelacha” (The Diploma of the Irish Dancing Commission).
.Each dancer will receive a detailed written assessment.





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